With a background in music and great enjoyment of Karaoke since the mid '90s, and growing up with the home entertainment karaoke machine, my wife and I got our first taste of some actual Karaoke Nights at bars in the early 2000s and we were hooked.  Over the years growing our library and a comment from a close relative saying "Oh, they would make a great DJ!" we got the motivation to look into it. . .and found our KJ/DJ Mentor husband-and-wife team Dan and Kay.  They set us up with their personal equipment since they were retiring after 30 years in the business. So we're taking the torch, knowledge, and confidence to keep the torch lit for another 30 years at least. We believe this because we are well versed in musical knowledge and have a wide variety in our library of songs.  Though, in truth it's because we really know how to connect with an audience and set a mood. At heart, that is what we do - set the mood.

Everyone on our team is fanatical about music and sound, especially when it comes to being behind the decks. We pay a lot of attention to details, reading the crowd and feeling the energy of the event. That's what lets us pick the right songs and create a fantastic mood. For us it's all about the right mix and not just the music, but the right mix of personality, showmanship, and professionalism.  Book now to reserve us on the date of your special event! Click Here to Meet your DJs!!


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