Karaoke Packages

     Karaoke is an excellent way to get your guests involved at your event.  You have guests with stage fright? No worries, we will DJ when there isn't a request up and there is still time left on your clock.  We'll keep the music going, even if your guests get tired out.

  • Basic Karaoke 4-Hour Package
    • Parties 4 Hours or less fall into this category
    • Travel Expenses Included (up to 40 miles round trip, or up to first 80 miles)
    • 35% Security Deposit to reserve date
    • Averages up to 45-50 Songs for full 4 hours
    • All of our 5000 Karaoke songs to choose from
    • Song List Books Included
    • No Dance Lighting or Lighted KJ Booth
    • Wireless Microphones available for an added fee
    • Outdoor Setup (with our own power if needed) for an added fee.
  • Basic Karaoke 6-Hour Package 
    • Same as above with the following exceptions:
      • Averages up to 70-75 Songs for full 6 hours
  • Enhanced Karaoke 4-Hour & 6-Hour Packages
    • Everything in the Basic Packages with the following differences
      • Travel Expenses Included (up to 150 miles round trip, or up to first 300 miles)
      • 25% Security Deposit for date reservation
      • Dance Lighting and Lighted KJ Booth
      • Outdoor Setup w/ Generator (if needed) Included
      • Wireless Microphones Included

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