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DJ B-Dizzl3 at Parties, or MC Brian when Entertaining at Weddings and Formal Events.  Before deciding to Open Black Hills Mobile Music in March of 2015, He's had Music in his Veins Since Elementary School.  He was Drawn to learn Trumpet in 5th Grade and could "hit the high notes" naturally. 

Continuing into Middle School, Brian added to his repetoir and education of music theory by starting into Jazz Band and an intro to Marching Band. 

As a Freshman in High School, He was Chosen to be 1 of 510 Representing Wyoming in the 2000 (Y2K) Rose Bowl Parade with the Wyoming High School All-State Marching Band (WHSASMB).  For that Parade he was given, and played, the music that the First Chair or Lead of that section of Instrument which was normally given to Juniors and Seniors.  During that time he was Also First Chair Regularly in his School Band playing Trumpet.

The Following Year as a Sophomore, WHSASMB invited him back to perform in the Inaguration Parade to March in front of President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney in Recognition of the VP's Alma Mater to the University of Wyoming. During this time, Brian's High School Director Placed him into the "Varsity" Advanced Jazz Band of the School.

Brian's Junior and Senior Years of High School seen him at or very near "1st Chair" Regularly in Concert Band, Jazz Band, Marching Band, & Pep Band(musical Cheerleaders during Basketball and Football Games). 

After Graduation, however, Music wasn't pursued as a Career for Brian. . .yet.  Imagining the "Broke Musician" stereotype, Brian instead Studied and Received his CDL Class-A and Pursued Driving Semi Truck, Marrying Amy in 2006, and included a Move to Rapid City, SD in Late 2007. Music wasn't in the fore front, but It never Left and was always there during the Long Trips. Over the Years It would rear its head every now and then with the occasional Karaoke Night and urge to Dust off the Old Trumpet.  

DJ Echo at Parties, or MC Amy when Entertaining at Weddings and Formal Events.  Wife of Brian and Brains of the Business Side in the Decision to Open Black Hills Mobile Music in 2015. 

As a teenager, Amy grew up around Entrepreneurs.  Including her Mom whom owned a Pet store in Custer, SD.  Amy Opened her First Business, a Book Store, at the Age of 18.  Although short lived of about 6 Months, Amy converted her store into a Movie Rental Business, and saw success for about 2 years.  Getting Bored with the monotony of the store, Amy closed her business after Meeting and Marrying Brian. She then Moved to Gillette, WY.

During the Time Her Business was open, Amy was Trained by a Sound Expert to better enhance the sound in her store to sound like a movie theater. 

Meet Our DJs

Brian Connolly (aka DJ B-Dizzl3)

Amy Connolly (aka DJ Echo)

It wasn't until the Fall of 2014, when Amy's Mom made the comment that "Brian would make a Great DJ," that began our Journey researching about the Mobile DJ profession.  It wasn't until after we met our DJ Mentors Dan and Kay in Jan. 2015 when we got extremely serious in this field.  Including an Additional Professional Wedding MC Training Course before we even opened our Doors for Business in March of 2015.

We hope the above Helps you get to know us a little better.  We certainly would love to get to know you a little better as well so we can best serve you for your upcoming event.  Click Here to schedule a Meeting, or Check our Availability below.

With four sucessful Wedding Seasons under our belt and still going Strong, Black Hills Mobile Music, LLC has some capable hands at the Helm of our Ship. Below is a little Background and a Closer Look at WHO makes Black Hills Mobile Music, LLC.